Monday, July 30, 2007

The Art of Boredom

The art of boredom is nothing more than the ability to occupy your mind and being while in the midst of a seemingly dry moment. When I used to encounter people who would say, "I am so bored" or "last night was so boring" I used think, "well I bet that is because you are boring and need to broaden yourself, your thoughts, increase your skills of observation...and you are probably well...high maintenance." My belief is this, there are those moments in life where you could technically be "bored", I honor and recognize those moments, but it's what we do in those moments that count. Move from being entertained dependent to entertainment independent. While at an event look at everyone's buttons on their shirts or locate small details on a wardrobe, at home pick up a book you haven't read in a while, find recipes, or delight in researching how to get your whites their whitest, sit and think about the galaxy or plan your next fabulous party. There is so much out there just waiting to be snatched up...Boredom is an art and their is an artist in us all :)--@DP

Monday, July 16, 2007

Divorce Sucks

My title pretty much says it all and like my brother said tonight, "Divorce is the gift that just keeps on giving." You know, sometimes I wonder if death would be easier than divorce because you can deal with the pain, heal and move on. With divorce, you may as well have a knife stabbed in your heart and have it slowly turning rotisserie style or a gaping wound with a slow drip of salt solution going until the day you die. For those out there who think kids are resilient and will get over it is unrealistic. Kids may learn how to get better at dealing with it and get used to the situation, the emotions may be stronger at times and dormant other times, but to assume or expect that it goes away is highly unlikely. My parents divorced approximately 10 years ago and it still rears it's head in my life. Though their divorce wasn't ugly or mean, which was a giant blessing, the crumble of your family is simply not an easy thing no matter how it is sliced. I have learned a lot and continue to learn a lot. I have new perspective on marriage and not hoping it will work out but actively putting effort to make it work, implementing good practices of communication and having those crucial conversations. But plain and simple: Divorce just sucks.--@DP

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blogging Rights

Just a thought...blogging is a really unique place in the sense that people comfortably and freely share of their successes, things they have created, new thoughts and victories. You don't often see this in day-to-day interaction because it may come across as arrogance, self-absorbtion, etc. But the blogosphere is the one place where you can have bragging rights...I mean blogging rights!--@DP