Saturday, August 16, 2008


Alright. I'm going out on a small limb here but I need to voice a political observation. Not being pro-McCain but not in the Obama camp, I have some real issues with the Obama Lemming trend going on all around me. I see all these people LOVING Obama but when I ask them to tell me what they love about them, one maybe two can actually articulate reasons with substance as to why he has their vote. Most people love his idealism, his hope, his statements of change but no one seems to know about his international policies, domestic policies, his proposals at large. That makes me really nervous. I am all for idealism, but not ignorant idealism. I believe there is a place for substance based idealism and it's really not asking too much for me to expect the kids on Obama's "street team" camped around NY coffee shops to know a thing or two about their candidate. Everyone says he's inspired my generation to have a passion for politics but I highly disagree. If you know a thing or two about politics you realize change happens at the local level and moves to the national level. If my generation cared about politics, we wouldn't have had the national low for district voting. It's not that I am against Obama, but I am against the blind lemmings I am seemingly surrounded by. I am opening the forum to hear why people like Obama simply for the refreshing substance based opinions, not looking to disagree or agree, just looking to hear an actual perspective other than he's a celebrity, he has "soft eyes", he's an international superstar or he's just really going to make a change for this country.--@DP